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Durian Thunder
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Durian Thunder

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When no one care about native fruit anymore. Make all the god worried about this magic plant. “GOD of DURIAN” can’t just pass an eye and doing nothing. He trowed crystal ball to the human land and hopefully that who ever have that crystal ball will not disappoint him. Many years later… “Kan Yao” teenage boy who want to be a basketball player. But with abnormal symptoms make his hand has a thorns grow out sometime and he can’t control that. With encouragement from his childhood lover “SOM” make him fight for what he want. When “God of Durian” know, God promises to help Kan Yao control that thorns from his hand. Kan Yao so exiting about that. He ask “MHON” his high school basketball couch to help him get a team and train him for the match. Will he win the tournament? Or that thorns from his hand will make him in trouble again.

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